ATS Fees

ATS Fees

A description of the fee model and all fees charged by the marketplace, or by a party to whom services have been directly or indirectly outsourced, including, but not limited to, fees relating to connecting to the market or facility, access, data, regulation (if applicable), trading, routing, and co-location, how such fees are set and any fee rebates or discounts and how the rebates or discounts are set.

The following sets out the fees charged by Coinsquare Capital Markets Ltd. to Subscribers. All fees are in Canadian dollars.

Trading Fees

Trading fees are exempt from GST/HST and QST or PST.

Fee Rates (Maker/Taker)

The applicable fee rate for every trading pair per transaction is set at:

  •    0.05% for the maker; and
  •    0.14% for the taker.

Fee Calculation

Fees are calculated based on the notional value of each trade (i.e., price × amount). Depending on the order type, fees will be either deducted from the gross proceeds of a trade or charged to the account at the time a trade is executed. Any fees will be applied at the time an order is placed. For partially-filled orders, only the executed portion is subject to trading fees.

Minimum Fee

The minimum fee charged to a Subscriber is $8,000 per month (inclusive of transaction fees).

Rebates and Discounts

No rebates or discounts are provided to Subscribers by Coinsquare Capital Markets Ltd.

Last updated on Oct 12, 2022