Trade like a pro.
Advanced traders know that knowledge is power. Take control of how your trades are set and executed with Coinsquare Pro.
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For active traders, it doesn't get better than this. Make trades using Coinquare Pro, view depth charts, interact with a live order book and set advanced fill instructions, all within an intuative interface.
Advanced trading for pros.
High performance trading engine.
Order execution time is measured in microseconds without jeopardizing security.
Take Control of your trades.
Leverage intuitive trading tools to take your trading experience to the next level. Live order books allow you to place your order exactly where you want it.
Knowledge is power.
Enhanced trading logs enable you to track exactly how your orders have been filled and at what prices.
Your security is our priority.
All client assets are held in trust with external, licensed custodians.
Trade like a pro with
Coinsquare Pro.
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